11 de outubro de 2006

Uma descoberta... Akram Zaatari

Mais uma sessão de Video Arte a convite do Aladino... Desta vez, um filme sobre a obra do libanês Akram Zaatari. Título? "Um olhar sobre os olhares de Akram Zaatari"... Aqui fica um retrato:
Akram Zaatari, a video artist and curator who lives and works in Beirut. He is author of more than 30 videos, among them 2003: This Day (86 min.). 2001: How I love You (29 min), Her + Him Van Leo (32 min). 1997: Crazy of You (27 min) and All is Well on the Border (43 min). 1996: The Candidate (10min), and the two video installations: Another Resolution, and Monument # 5: The Scandal. He is co-founder of the Fondation Arabe pour l’Image, Beirut, through which he developed his recent research-based work on the photographic history of the Middle East, which resulted in a series of exhibitions, among which are 2001: The Vehicle: picturing moments of transition in a modernizing society, Portraits du Caire: Van Leo, Arman, Alban. 2002: Mapping Sitting, on portraiture and photography with Walid Raad. He edited or co-edited three publications by the same titles. His writing was published in critical and scholarly journals such as: Parachute, Framework, Transition, Bomb, Al-Adaab, Al-Nahar, and Zawaya.