16 de junho de 2010

Pili Pili Designs... viagem ao mundo das capulanas!

Dear all,

We are writing to introduce you to a new company based in Maputo.

Pili Pili Designs is a small company dedicated to quality Mozambican products and souvenirs.

Our bags are made in-house, using a local popular fabric called Capulana (pronounced Kapulana). We are passionate about everything Capulana,

so if you have always wanted top quality Capulana products that are reasonably priced as a souvenir or just for yourself, look no further!

Pili Pili Designs is working with a local association of women in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, as a way to help poor families earn a living. As the business expands, we aim to set up a proper training centre for more women to be trained as tailors and in other craft-making skills.

To see more pictures or send us a feedback, please go to our blog:


Kindly forward to your contacts.


Sales: 842578681
Product enquiry: 826551410