21 de junho de 2013



Why the Global Platform 4 Syrian Students?

Since the 2011 outbreak of the hostilities in Syria, the war has left at least 80.000 dead while thousands have been imprisoned and millions have fled their homes to escape violence. There are now more than 1,5 million refugees living in neighbouring and more than 4 million people internally displaced.

That means nearly 30% of Syrian people have left their homes amid the violence. The devastating effect on the lives of those who are forced to flee is appalling and it impacts on all aspects of life, in particular for young people and the education sector. The break-down of higher education within the country with many schools and universities that have been closed to students and major obstacles facing Syrian youth who are outside of Syria namely as refugees have created an academic emergency. The Global Platform 4 Syrian Students aims at contributing to this emergency. It joins other on-going efforts, in particular those led by the Institute of International Education, a world leader in the international exchange of people and ideas (www.iie.org) that put forward a number of initiatives to support Syrian students and scholars.

What is the Global Platform 4 Syrian Students?

The Global Platform 4 Syrian Students is a multi-stakeholders initiative launched by former President of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio, with the support of a core-group of partners, namely the UNHCR, the League of Arab States, the Institute of International Education (IIE), the Global Movement of Moderates Foundation etc. It aims at providing emergency scholarship and grants to students whose education has been interrupted by the crisis.

The Global Platform 4 Syrian Students brings together Governments, international and regional organizations, donor agencies, universities, foundations, NGOs of different cultural backgrounds and faith-based organizations, the private sector and individuals willing and able to back an emergency academic mechanism support to Syrian students via scholarships and emergency grants for Syrian students.

The Global Platform 4 Syrian Students developed a special partnership with the Institute of International Education (www.iie.org) that has provided emergency assistance to students and scholar during times of crises around the world over the past two years. The Global Platform 4 Syrian Students follows the same pattern as the Institute of International Education in order to maximize strengths, create synergies and scale up efforts in order to achieve shared goals.

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