16 de outubro de 2014

Frelimo landslide victory Dhlakama does well MDM collapse Higher turnout

Preliminary numbers and projections indicate the Frelimo will win a landslide victory, and that the turnout will be over 50%, compared to 45% in 2009. Afonso Dhlakama has done well, but MDM has collapsed and will not fulfil its expectations after having done well in local elections last year. Indeed, Daviz Simango may win fewer votes than MDM won in the municipal elections. 

The key provinces of Zambézia and Nampula have a small overall opposition majority, with votes projected as approximately 45% Frelimo, 45% Renamo, and 10% MDM.

Initial projections for President are:

Filipe Nyusi 60% 
Afonso Dhlakama 32% 
Daviz Simango 8% 

and for parliament

Frelimo 57%  (142 seats)
Renamo 30% (75 seats)
MDM 12% (31 seats)
Others 1%

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